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We specialize in the production of standard and custom steelworks made of heavy-duty carbon steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant steel by Hardox, as well as aluminum for the purposes of shipbuilding and marine industries since 2004.
Our docks' convenient location on the Baltic Sea shore allows us to significantly reduce the shipping costs.
We remain a leader on the metalwork market thanks to the team of experienced and certified specialists, high-tech production equipment, and modern technologies.
We complete our projects strictly within the agreed upon timeframe and offer our clients a quality guarantee.



We offer the following services:
  • production of hull sections for hull extension
  • production of turnkey hatch covers (of any configuration), removable twin-deck covers, and movable hold bulkheads
  • creation and installation of movable excavator platforms of any complexity, as well as under-rail tracks for platforms
  • production of hull elements: sections, section units, visors, ramps, stems and bows, ship foundations and bed plates
  • production and installation of davits and mooring equipment
Production of spare parts and sections for shipboard machinery and mechanisms:
  • hydraulic cylinders of hatch closures, steering gear, ship cranes and excavators
  • elements of propulsion systems (propeller shafts, rudder stocks, rudder blades of any type)
  • spare parts for pumps and separators
  • milling with CNC equipment
  • lathe works: turning, boring, countersinking, drilling, etc.
  • plasma cutting of metal parts of up to 250 mm in thickness
Surface protection of steel structures:
  • paint shop equipped with a system for metal shot blasting up to the SA3.0 grade (with subsequent recuperation of the blasting media), equipped with an automatic climate control system. The facility allows for cleaning works of any complexity and for coating of any type, including inert coating.
Your time is our main value
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